miércoles, 27 de enero de 2010

V.A - Straighten up vol 2

a1.: Tiger - guilty
a2.: The Charmers - Just my imagination
a3.: Eugene Paul - Farewell my darling
a4.: Max Romeo - don´t you weep
a5.: Derrick Morgan - John Crow skank
a6.: Winston Groovy - Don´t you feel the people
a7.: Slim Smith - My god
b1.: Larry and Lloyd - Monkey spamer
b2.: Righterous flames - Love and emotion
b3.: Raphael Stewart - Put your sweet lips
b4.: Winston Groovy - I want to be loved
b5.: Classics - Cherrio babe
b6.: Pat Rhoden & Winston Groovy - Same thing for breakfast
b7.: Ruddy & Sketto - Every night

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